12 Tricks For Standing Out This Holiday Season

The holiday advertising season is upon us. The 2016 holiday season is expected to eclipse $90 billion in revenue, compared to $69 billion in 2015. December is only a month away, so if you're a small business owner now's the time to capitalize!

Customers get bombarded from all sides during this time. To cut through the noise, businesses have to provide creative, inspirational content... and we're here to help with 12 tricks for standing out on social media this holiday season!

1. Plan Ahead: Be proactive, set goals, create a budget and build a social media and marketing plan so you can go into the season one step ahead of your competitors.

2. Choose A Theme: Every company is going to be running holiday campaigns so you need to stand out and create a consistent story. Carry these themes out in both messaging and design.


3. Create A Content Calendar: Schedule things in advance during the holidays because things can get hectic. Here a some important dates to keep in mind:

Thanksgiving Day: Nov. 24th
Black Friday: Nov. 25th
Cyber Monday: Nov. 28th
Green Monday: Dec. 12th
Free Shipping Day: Dec. 16th

4. Share In Real-Time: Planning ahead is recommended but also don't be afraid to leverage timely events like weather, stories & joyful holiday experiences.

5. Volunteer: There is lots of opportunity this time of year for businesses to give back to their community; not only will it feel good, it also makes for a great brand story this season.

6. Be Inclusive: Be extra thoughtful about your audience during this time of year because holidays usually involve religious or cultural significance.

7. Deals, Deals, Deals: 42% of holiday shoppers said "Sales & Discounts" were the most important factor when shopping online this holiday season. So share those deals they're searching for!


8. Get Personal: Stats and numbers are good, but stories are what people can really relate to. Add a personal touch to your holiday campaign like hand written holiday cards, gift wrapping, or personalized gift recommendations!

9. Work Together: Know other small business owners? Team up with a cross promotion or just share what each other has to offer. Holiday gift purchasing is rarely a one stop shopping trip, so best to work together!

10. Have Some Fun: Let go of your inner Scrooge, it's time to get in the holiday spirit. Did you ever see the Staples, Elf Yourself campaign? It's a perfect example of a business making the holiday season a little more entertaining.

11. Run A Contest Or Giveaway: Running a social contest or giveaway is one way to give back to your followers.

12. Animate Your Holiday Creations: Video is extremely effective at providing a lot of information in a little time. In fact in a survey done by Tubular Insights, 73% of those surveyed said they are more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service if they watch a branded video that explains the product.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Ripl and start creating your holiday content!

Meghan Bodenstab

Meghan is the customer advocate at Ripl. She works on both product and content management and focuses on addressing the customers needs in the Ripl user experience.

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