Did you know? You can add 8 photos to any Ripl!

Yes, that's right ANY Ripl can accommodate up to 8 photos!

The preview image may show a different number of photos but this doesn't dictate how many images the design can accommodate.

Watch this week's quick tutorial to see how you can add up to 8 photos to any Ripl!

If you're a Ripl Pro user, we have a tip for you to add more than 8 photos. Keep in mind, this can make posts look busy so make sure your audience can actually see the pictures!

  1. Add up to 8 photos and select a collage design
  2. When you're ready to share, select "image," instead of animation, as your output and save to your camera roll
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 as many times as you'd like to create different "collage images" with different photos
  4. Go to create your final masterpiece, and add the "collage images" as each of your 8 photos.

This trick will allow you to add up to 64 photos in one Ripl - that's a lot for your followers to see at once so use this tip sparingly!

Happy Ripl'ing!

Christine Evans

Christine focuses on Customer Research & Support at Ripl. She is passionate about helping others through communication and technology. You can bet she'll ask lots of questions!

Bellevue, Washington http://ripl.com/

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