2018 Small Business Goal Setting

You've probably heard the popular saying: "New Year, New You." Have you taken it to heart for your business? Now that we're in 2018, it's a great time to set a goal for your company and set yourself up for a great year.

Much like a personal-improvement resolution, you can make a business-improvement resolution that elevates an aspect of your small business. It can be a hard to take an honest look at yourself, your business, or your organization, but defining a challenge is the first step towards overcoming it.

Here are three great goals to consider for your small business or community group in 2018:

1. Develop Weekly Marketing Goals

For many small businesses, things move fast. Often business owners need to pivot on an idea or adapt to a new challenge overnight. While surprises will inevitably happen, having a plan in place can make all the difference.
Try setting aside time each week to evaluate your success from last week and establish your goals for this one. Over time, you (and your team) will get really good at identifying opportunities and solutions, ultimately yielding better results for your efforts.

2. Stop Anything That Isn't Working

It can be difficult to abandon a practice or process that you're used to. It's comfortable and already part of your routine. And hey, it might even be working a little bit and it just needs a little more time to really start delivering strong returns.
This year, try to be more analytical in the evaluation of your priorities, and be prepared to stop anything that isn't working. Put your energy and effort into other ideas that show promise. It's a hard challenge, but will generate far greater returns for your business in the long run.

3. Delegate More Responsibilities

As a small business operator, you likely spend your days checking items off your to-do list as quickly as possible—and most days, you probably have few unfinished tasks to roll-over to the next day.
If you have a team, it can seem like a large time investment to train them to take over some of your responsibilities. But, it will be time well spent once they're up and running and you can get that time back for other challenges. Even if you're a solopreneur there are ways to delegate your massive workload. Try finding automation or optimization tools to save tiny slivers of time. (Like Ripl Pro's scheduling feature) A few minutes here and there each day will add up to a large chunk at the end of the week.

These are only three ideas for your 2018 goals, and there are obviously many others you could consider. Regardless of which resonates with you or your small business, we encourage you to try setting a business-improvement goal this year.

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Jon Aiken

Jon is the Communication Manager at Ripl, which means he writes and/or edits pretty much all day. Fortunately, those are two of his favorite things to do, so he's stoked. Also, dinosaurs!

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