3 Strategies To Make Your Posts More Effective

Creating effective messages to engage your followers can be tough! From our own experience on social media we've learned some tips to make your posts even more effective.

1. When creating a post be concise with your message, less is more!

Make sure all the content (photos & text) ties to a single message and not all over the board. If you have multiple messages, consider making multiple posts.

2. Set the context of the post at the earliest possible phase of the design.

If using a slideshow, try setting the context of the post in the title page to cut down on words in the captions of following slides. Try using your best photo first.

3. Diversify your photos.

Resist the temptation to post multiple photos that are very similar to one another. Fewer images will generally provide more screen time per photo in slideshows and will display larger photo slots in collage designs.

The most important thing is making an emotional connection with your followers. A post that makes them smile, laugh, or think, will always be more effective than simply pitching your ​business.

Start experimenting with your own posts and themes to see what's working and not when it comes to being effective on social media!

Christine Evans

Christine focuses on our customers’ happiness! She is passionate about helping others through communication and technology. You can bet she'll ask a lot of questions!

Bellevue, Washington http://ripl.com/

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