3 Tips From the Social Media Advertising Team

Social media advertising is a huge piece of our business here at Ripl. Our advertising team is responsible for all paid social advertising for the Ripl app. In simple words, they focus on getting new users into the Ripl app!

We primarily use Facebook & Instagram advertising to acquire new customers (we also use paid search ads and App store advertising because of the nature of our business). The team is constantly learning new things to make our advertising more effective in a constantly changing landscape. Here are 3 of their tips to help you succeed in paid social advertising for your business!

Test and Learn

It's hard to predict what types of ads your potential customers will react to. Even after doing this for years we often guess wrong on what picture or video will get the best results.

The best way to solve this problem? Testing! Pick a few different options of photos or videos that might get your customers to take notice. For example, if you run a coffee shop you could test two different ads - one showing happy customers chatting over coffee, and another that focuses on a close-up of a foamy latte.

Split your budget evenly between these two different ads, and see which one gets more clicks and engagements. Then you can use that knowledge as you plan future ads!

Pay Extra Attention to Messaging

Messaging can often be overlooked because you're focused on other things like targeting, budgets and content but it's a critical component to help potential customers understand what they're clicking on.

Make sure the ad copy matches your landing page. Not only does this avoid confusion among the people clicking on your ad, it helps with your relevance score. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible for the person to understand what you're offering and get it. The less clicks (and less thinking) your audience has to do, the easier it will be for them to take action - so make sure your CTA is above the fold on your landing page!

Content is King

Along with ad copy matching landing pages, be sure the creative is representative of what you're selling. You could use a slideshow or carousel ad to show multiple different products or services you offer.

At Ripl, we've found success in updating creative once a week or once every other week on Facebook & Instagram. All advertisers are unique and find different successes with their own frequency of ads.

Including a time limit for your offer seems to give better results. When you promote a sale a time limit can create a sense of urgency among customers. Another thing that we've found to work well is before and after content. The more dramatic the transformation the better but be authentic. The best strategy of them all is authenticity.

We’d love to hear how these strategies work for you and your business and what strategies of your own you've developed! Email us at feedback@ripl.com or join the conversation on the Facebook Group here

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Keep your eyes peeled for 3 tips from the design team next week!

Ripl Team

Team Ripl is the hard-working squad driven to help you stand out on social media and grow your business.

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