5 Ripl Design Hacks

Every week our team creates over 100 Ripls so we get lots of practice in creating awesome content with the Ripl app. Over the many weeks, we've learned some "hacks" we wanted to share to help you personalize your posts and create something even more unique!

1 - Make a Slideshow Without any Intro Screen

Don't want an intro screen? Start your creation with just a photo and leave the primary and secondary text blank on the “create a post” screen. Proceed to “customize layout” and navigate to the photo slide where you can double tap to add the text to the caption only. When you animate, the creation will start by featuring your photo and the caption text.

2 - Mix Designs to Fashion your own Unique Creation

Create stills from one design and save to your phone. Then add them as your photos using a different design with a slideshow format. This is a great way to turn any design into a slideshow with unique captions. We recommend keeping at least one of the designs simple so you are not mixing too many elements.

3 - Choose your Secondary Font by Mixing Creations

Similar to the last tip, if you want a unique font for different parts of your animation that’s not offered, you can make a creation using a design that has the font you want for your secondary text. Save that creation as a still. Then add that still image as a photo in the design you want to animate.

4 - Create your own Line Breaks

Sometimes the text doesn't break the way we want it to. To make sure your text breaks the way you desire, just add line spaces until the text looks right. Ripl will honor those line breaks in your text.

5 - Create a Text-only Animation

A lot of our designs, slideshows in particular, have cool design backgrounds or animations and sometimes adding a photo isn't necessary. You can create a really cool animation using a selected background with nice primary or secondary text.

What "hacks" have you come up with from using the Ripl app?

Meghan Bodenstab

Meghan is the customer advocate at Ripl. She works on both product and content management and focuses on addressing the customers needs in the Ripl user experience.

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