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Something on Facebook's end changed and our workaround to use Ripl animations as a cover video is no longer working. It's not a simple fix on our end so we're looking at other solutions. We will keep you all updated and let you know when this feature becomes available again!

Facebook is testing a major change to Facebook Pages - Cover Videos! About 80% of users now have the ability to replace their cover photo with a video. This is just another feature pushing the platform's focus on video. Offering a richer way to tell your brand story, cover videos are another opportunity to increase engagement.

If you don't have the ability to upload a video for your cover photo, keep your eyes peeled in coming weeks as the feature continues to roll out to all users.

For the cover video Facebook suggests 820 x 312 pixels and 20-90 seconds long, plus they allow looping. Some Facebook Pages use a short 5 second clip that loops to reach the minimum 20 seconds. 

A few of you reached out to us asking for a solution to use Ripls in your cover videos. Our design team jumped on the opportunity and have created 3 specific templates designed to be used as cover videos on Facebook. (With more templates released in coming weeks!)

Tip - For best results, use at least 3 photos because the animations will loop!

Step 1: Select a Facebook Cover Design from the Ripl Catalog

Step 2: Customize the design and share to your Facebook Page from the Ripl app. (You can always hide the post from your timeline or "expire" the post so that it doesn’t show in your video library)

Step 3: From your desktop or Facebook app, go to your Facebook Page and select "choose from videos" and select the video you just shared to Facebook. You'll want to reposition the cover video so your content is centered.

Try uploading a Ripl into your cover video today!

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