A Quick Guide to Instagram Stories

At the top of the Instagram feed, Instagram stories are a unique way to gain visibility and awareness. Learn how this popular social media trend can be utilized for your business!

Why use Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories give you the ability to stay top of mind every day. As the first thing in people’s Instagram feeds, you can post something new all day long to bring even more visibility to your business.

Not only will you stay top of mind, you can post things you normally wouldn’t share to your branded Instagram profile. This is the perfect place for your "imperfect" content because it disappears after 24 hours. Different than your Instagram gallery, it is a chance to connect with your audience on a more personal level without having to worry if your post will live forever in your Instagram gallery.

How to create Instagram Stories in Ripl:

Use the Ripl app to diversify your Instagram stories. Our portrait (tall) post size is made for creating and sharing Instagram or Facebook stories. You can select this tall size from the “Create A Post” screen by tapping the three dots below your caption.

This is a great way to get more creative with Ripl. Because you don’t have to worry as much about the longevity of a story you can experiment with our more playful designs.

Fun Instagram Story Tricks:

Use these fun Instagram features to make your stories more interactive.

Polls: Use the poll feature, located under the Instagram story stickers to ask your followers for their opinions. It gets your audience engaged and can help you get instant feedback!

Emojis: Add emoji stickers on top of your photos or video to poke fun or add emphasis on what your sharing.

Highlights: If your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Business Page then you should have the option to create story highlights. Story highlights allow you to group past stories and have them stay at the top of your profile. You can even make fun covers for those highlights using Ripl!

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