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How Simply Chic Homes uses Ripl

Who: Pratul Sharma | Founder & Owner | Simply Chic Homes

Why Did Simply Chic Homes Need Ripl?

Simply Chic Homes discovered that using videos rather than photos in their social media campaigns resulted in more clicks.

After trying a few other apps to create videos, Pratul found they didn't compare to Ripl in terms of both functionality and ease of use. He especially loved that with Ripl he can create content offline, often making Ripls while on a flight or traveling.

How Did Ripl Help?

Ripl helped Simply Chic Homes with better social media engagement.

"Ripl helps us produce high-quality videos for social media platforms that have higher click-thru rates than those produced using native platform functionality."

Between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Simply Chic Homes saw 45 engagements on a single post. Ripl allowed for a simpler and faster workflow, plus one click posting to all social media platforms.

Pre-made templates with customization allow each post to feel unique, and they can share across multiple platforms in a single click. With a large number of templates and music to choose from, it's easy to make each video look different while using the same content.

As Pratul says, "Simply Chic Homes loves Ripl!"

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