Tips to Incorporate your Logo

Let's talk about the logo. One of the most critical aspects of marketing your business, your logo is the face of your organization. For Ripl Pro users, the logo is one of the most important elements of your Ripl animation because it shows off your brand, creates brand awareness, loyalty, customer engagement, and more.

Your logo also stays with the content no matter where it's shared, tying you and your business to that piece of content forever!

Incorporating your logo into your Ripl animation is easy - just double tap the logo on the "customize layout" screen and upload a new image. In Ripl, we recommend using a logo not more than 200 pixels wide.

Since adding your logo is so easy, you can take things a step further to stand out, be more cohesive and get your name out there!

Read these 5 tips to incorporate your logo into your Ripls.


If you hired a designer or artist to create your logo, they will usually have a transparent PNG version if you ask. Transparency allows the original background color to show through, so your logo will blend into the design elements. Take a look at the difference in these two posts, the first is an example of a non-transparent logo and the second is transparent.

If you don't have a PNG transparent version of your logo, you can create one yourself. We've used these apps to quickly modify and adjust logos in the past.

For Android: Auto Background Changer is similar and using "auto"(looks like a magic wand) allows you to click the entire background of your logo for transparency.

For iOS: With Background Eraser we recommend using the "erase" and "target area" feature which allows you to click the entire background of your logo and "target" that for transparency.


Sometimes adding the logo as a photo in the slideshow can make more of an impact. Just be sure that the image is at least 1024x1024 so that you'll have the full scaling option.


Instead of using your logo, you can use your headshot for a personal touch.


Your business card contains all the important information that can be interesting and informative for your followers. Using a business card instead of a logo can switch things up and make you stand out.


Matching the background color with your logo, or using design colors that coordinate with your logo or photo can make things more cohesive and catch the attention of your followers.

This logo actually has a white border but the logo blends into the design since this user chose white for the banner color.

If your images are busy, go classic with a black and white version of your logo to simplify the design and stand out.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get out there and start experimenting with your logo!

Happy Ripl'ing!

Christine Evans

Christine focuses on our customers’ happiness! She is passionate about helping others through communication and technology. You can bet she'll ask a lot of questions!

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