Facebook's Video Feed - Why You Want To Be There

As a small business owner, being noticed is critical to getting new customers and making money. One way to stay ahead of the competition is to capitalize on post placement with Facebook's video feed.

For past months, Facebook has been testing a feed just for video. It hasn't been rolled out to all users yet because Facebook is still testing the feature, but there's a lot of opportunity to reach new audiences and potential customers in this largely under-utilized feed.

Even if you don't have the feed in your own Facebook app, others do and will be able to discover your branded videos promoting your business or service. You have the opportunity to make your mark early and gain traction. There's a specific "Suggested Video Section" for people to browse and another opportunity to be discovered.

If you are the lucky one who has this feed, take a look at what content is in there. You'll see a lot of News networks ahead of the curve posting live video and branded videos. Your content has the ability to stand out among News feeds.

This is an opportunity for small businesses to show up where people go to exclusively watch video. "This videos section helps people discover, watch and share videos on Facebook that are relevant to them."

As Facebook and Instagram move to video "stories" and curated video content in their apps, small businesses have the opportunity to innovate and gain post placement if you remain focused on animated video posts.

Video isn't going away so jump on board and get ahead in the feeds!

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