Introducing the New Ripl: A Marketing Team in Your Pocket

Ripl: A Marketing Team in Your Pocket is Now Available

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For the last six months we’ve been working hard on a suite of new features for the Android and iOS Ripl app and we are THRILLED to announce they are now available to all our users!

If you have updated to the latest version of Ripl, you will notice improvements to your account features: Engagement Goals based on your business type, weekly Engagement Goals, daily post recommendations, and a team of social media guides. Here’s a little more info on what these features can do for you and why we are so excited for you to try them!

Your Social Media Guide

Ripl social media experts are here to guide and assist you! You can always find their help underneath the little informational Tips and Tricks bubbles, where we will answer questions and help you learn about all things Ripl and social media!


Personalized Business Accounts

If you use the Ripl app for more than one purpose, you no longer need to switch between the different social media accounts or have mixed engagement reporting. In the latest version of Ripl you will be given the opportunity to create unique profiles for each of your brands or businesses. For each business or brand, you can connect the specific social media accounts associated with that profile and have different engagement goals, logos and recommendations.

You can easily switch between your business profiles (or add a new one) by clicking the icon in the top right corner of your app.


Weekly Engagement Goals

Increasing engagements (likes, shares, comments and other interactions with your brand) is important because more engagements means more people connecting with the content you publish. Because of the way that the major social media network platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) work, when your content gets more engagement it has a higher likelihood of being served into the newsfeeds of people down the line. Since more awareness, visibility and reach are the top social media publishing goals of most brands and businesses, the new Ripl app is built from the ground up to help you get more impact out of every Ripl post you create and share. One of the key parts of this is that we now set - and track your progress against - Weekly Engagement Goals! When you create a business profile and connect social media accounts we will look at your engagement history for the past 4 weeks and set a goal of a 20% increase in weekly engagements. We’re confident that Ripl’s beautiful designs and video content posts will help you reach your Weekly Goals.


Recommended Posts

It’s important that you continually create and share new content to help you grow and engage with customers. Creating engaging authentic content is intimidating so we want to make it as easy as possible. Each day we will recommend three different authentic post types for you to modify and create your own content. Double tap any pre-loaded text or images to edit. These recommendations will save you time and energy by serving as serving as inspiration for your own ideas, and by providing a template for you to customize and make your own!


Update to the latest version of Ripl to try these new features!

Ripl in the App Store

Ripl in the Play Store

Meghan Bodenstab

Meghan is the customer advocate at Ripl. She works on both product and content management and focuses on addressing the customers needs in the Ripl user experience.

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