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Everyone knows the person on-screen, the star athlete, actor, news anchor, or musician. But how many people can you name who have held the camera? Probably not many. Here at Ripl we are blessed to have an extremely talented cameraman. He doesn’t sign his name at the end of advertisements and his tutorials are uploaded by Ripl. But Chris Deichl does not want or need credit. His work speaks for itself, as does his illustrious IMDb page.

Chris was born and raised in Seattle. He attributes his creativity to his mom and dad, who still live in the area. Upon graduating from high school, Chris left the Pacific Northwest and went to college at Montana State University, graduating with a degree in Motion Picture Video. Chris moved back to Seattle, and landed his first video job, taping engineering classes at the University of Washington.

Chris wanted more challenge than filming classes, so moved to Los Angeles in the hope of working in television. In 2002, Chris got his chance when he landed his first gig working on a TV show called 'Monster Garage'. Here Chris says he learned everything - how to shoot, create good lighting, and operate a camera crane. This is also where Chris met his wife, Maeve Murphy.

After working on 'Monster Garage', Maeve and Chris bought a jib arm (camera crane) together and began picking up jobs across the country. Over the next nine years they worked on numerous television shows. From 'America’s Toughest Jobs', where he filmed crab fishing, ice road trucking, bull-riding, logging, oil drilling, and gold panning in Alaska, California, and Texas; to a stint filming the reality TV show 'Tori & Dean in Love'; to a project called 'Boom!' which Chris describes as a show where they just blew stuff up. Chris also traveled to Egypt and Tunisia where he worked on a History Channel documentary about the Sahara Desert.

So how did Ripl get lucky enough to have Chris join our team and create our video content? Well, after working odd hours filming ice road truckers through the night and traveling to the middle of the Sahara for the right shot, Chris decided he was ready to move back home. So nine years after leaving his job of filming engineering classes, Chris moved back to Seattle for the second time. This time to settle down with his wife and start a family.

Once he got back to Seattle, Chris worked odd jobs in the area, shooting for different tech companies and working on projects for Root Sports in which he shot the Seattle Mariners, Seahawks, and Sounders. However, Chris soon realized the market was not big enough for him to survive as just a cameraman, so he reinvented himself and learned editing and motion graphics. After teaching himself video graphics and editing Chris landed a job as the Director of Photography and Editor at a company based in Bellevue. Then, last year Chris got a call from Ripl and made the jump to join our team. Since then, Chris has been creating amazing content promoting and showcasing all that Ripl has to offer. Chris says his favorite things about Ripl include the work-life balance that allows him to spend as much time as possible with his family, his genuine and passionate coworkers, and the creative freedom he is allowed for his videography and photography work. Chris says his favorite feature on Ripl Pro is the ability to upload twelve images because he takes so many pictures.

Check out Chris' most recent video, a tutorial on how to view your previous posts on Ripl! Click the link below to watch the video.

Check out the tutorial

Check out the tutorial

Joe Zimmer

Joe loves everything communications! The youngest member of the Ripl team, he works to improve customer outreach and analyze marketing data.

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