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Hannah Olsen | Customer Support

Hannah graduated from UConn in 2015 and spent the first three years of her professional career in content creation at ESPN. This means that if you watched SportsCenter, you definitely saw some of her work!

But Hannah missed the Pacific Northwest and her family, so she moved back to Seattle in 2018. She decided to join Ripl because she wanted to work at a start-up with a great culture! Hannah says she loves working at Ripl because of how well the team works together, and because of the varying opportunities she is presented with. For example, Ripl didn't have an effective process for new hires, but she was given the opportunity to spearhead and create a process as the team continues to grow!

Josh Grob | Quality Assurance

Josh has been in software since 2003. He has worked for a variety of companies in different locations, playing multiple roles at each company. He worked on the New York Stock Exchange, spent time as a developer and as a project manager, and helped create flight reservation technology. Josh loves being back in the tech world at Ripl. When he is not working, Josh loves drawing, painting, playing the piano, and carving in wood and stone.

Josh joined Ripl because he believes in the Ripl culture, and how the team intentionally designs and builds that culture on a daily basis. He loves that Ripl is a supportive and emotionally progressive place to work!

Eric Chung | Developer

Eric started his career working for RealNetworks. While at RealNetworks he worked for a RealArcade team, helping to build the first Indy Game publishing platform. After leaving RealNetworks Eric moved to Hong Kong, where he spent ten years implementing high frequency trading systems for investment banks.

Eric joined Ripl because he enjoyed the culture here. He appreciates the chance to branch into different types of technology. Since joining, his favorite part of working here is the people, who are smart, inspiring and collaborative. He loves that working at Ripl is fun, and that the focus is on progress without blame!

Ming Lui | Finance Director

Ming worked at a local CPA firm for eight years, before deciding that he could make a bigger impact working at a start-up company instead of exclusively dealing with tax and compliance. Thus, in 2016, Ming joined the venture-backed start-up Peach as their accounting manager. By the time he left in 2018, Ming was in charge of all things having to do with accounting, finance, and human resources.

Ming first heard of Ripl through a former colleague. After talking to Clay, Ripl’s COO, he was excited to work for a company where leadership truly cares about its employees. He also felt that Ripl offered an intriguing opportunity, since marketing software is a very fragmented space and small businesses have traditionally been ignored and left behind.

So the rest is history. This is Ming's second month at Ripl. He loves the camaraderie, and enjoys the prospect of growing Ripl and contributing to its culture of love.

Cabe Lovlie | Quality Assurance

Cabe has been involved in software QA for about 13 years, starting as a video game tester with Nintendo of America. Most of his career has been spent in the gaming industry working at various publishers (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Warner Bros) and studios (Surreal Software and Turn 10 Studios). In 2016, he made the switch from gaming to software, landing a position with Amazon in Quality Assurance. It was there that he had the chance to experience the more technical aspects of software testing including automated software testing.

Having found a new passion, Cabe focused on expanding his programming skills, and began looking for new opportunities involving test automation. He also wanted to work somewhere where he felt welcomed and valued. Both of these desires led him to Ripl. Cabe loves the feeling that he works for a company that genuinely wants to help him succeed, and to achieve his goals. Cabe says that he feels truly valued, and loves that everyone at Ripl is committed to creating an amazing experience for our customers!

Troy Frever | Vice President of Development

Troy comes back to Ripl, after being one of its first employees. Troy has worked in the Seattle start-up scene for decades. Early in his career he worked at RealNetworks, a Seattle tech fixture in the early 2000s. In 2005 he joined Smilebox, 9 months after they got their start. After a long tenure at Smilebox, Troy joined Ripl where he was employee number 7. Troy then decided to split off from Ripl to help start another company called Block24. For three years Troy helped grow and build Block24 as the co-founder and CTO until it was retired this fall.

Troy says that the biggest reason he came back to Ripl was because of the supportive, free, open and loving culture. Troy loves the team at Ripl, and appreciates that people here are very intentional about creating the culture they want.

Benny Phanichkul | Developer

Benny has been working in start-ups in the consumer product space for his entire professional career. His first foray into development was at Smilebox. After Smilebox, he began working as a developer at a creative agency called WINTR. Soon after that he took the opportunity to be the first developer at Blok24, where he helped build the business from the ground up.

Benny joined Ripl because he believes that Ripl has a great product that can help people. Furthermore, he is passionate about growing small businesses and is excited to work on improving Ripl, to help do that.

So far, Benny's favorite part of working at Ripl is the people. He says that everyone has been super welcoming, and he loves the positive energy he feels when he comes to the office.

Joe Zimmer | Customer Programs Specialist

Ripl is Joe's first job after graduating from Whitman College in the Spring of 2018. Originally from Montana, Joe moved to Seattle in late August with the hope of working at a start-up.

Joe was seeking an opportunity to pick up a variety of different skills, and to learn all facets of the inner workings of a small business.

His favorite part of working at Ripl is the people. They have made his transition to the professional world easier because of Ripl's great culture and everyone's willingness to help. Along with that, he loves getting to do new things every day.

If you or anyone you know are interested in working at Ripl, check out Ripl's open positions by clicking here!

Joe Zimmer

Joe loves everything communications! The youngest member of the Ripl team, he works to improve customer outreach and analyze marketing data.

Seattle, WA

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