New Feature: Sharing To Facebook Groups

The moment you've all been waiting for… sharing directly to Facebook Groups is here!

If you are an admin of a Facebook Group, you now have the ability to share directly to Facebook Groups from the Ripl app. Facebook Groups can be a unique way to increase organic reach on Facebook.

Looking to connect to Facebook Groups?

  1. Tap the Ripl menu, then "Account Settings"
  2. Tap "connect" next to Facebook Groups and accept any permissions
  3. Don't forget to select where to share your animation on the final share screen!

In order to access this feature be sure to update to the latest version of Ripl (Android 1.0.32 / iOS 1.0.35)!

For more information on how to share to your Facebook Group, see this help article.

Christine Evans

Christine focuses on our customers’ happiness! She is passionate about helping others through communication and technology. You can bet she'll ask a lot of questions!

Bellevue, Washington

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