Take your Ripl creations to the next level

Share More Places

When you create a Ripl you can share your posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you are doing that on every post because the more places you share, the more your content is seen. Plus it only takes the tap of a button, so why not? Once you have shared across your social media networks there is no need to stop there! If you’re a Ripl Pro user, save to your camera roll or grab your posted video link if you are a free user, and share on any other channels you may have - blog, website, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+. You name it, just get your content seen!

Use Stills

Ripls can also be saved or shared as still images. This is helpful if you plan to coordinate your Ripl social media posts with additional marketing efforts like blog posts, emails or websites. You can select which part of your video you want to save as a still image when you are in the customize post step. Choose the frame and then press next, and share as still. Please note in order to select a still image, you will need to unselect music.

Include in Email Content

Did you know that including video in an email can lead to open rate increases of 19% and click-through rate increases upwards of 50 percent! There are a few ways you can incorporate a Ripl video in an email.

  • Include a still version of your Ripl and link it to your video on one of your social media platforms or on YouTube
  • Create a gif of your Ripl video using an online gif creation tool like this one from Giphy
  • Another option is to use a email tool like BombBomb which allows you to include video in your emails. They charge a monthly rate but do the gif conversion and have a video hosting platform in place.

Include In Texts

Use Ripl to create invites, thank you notes, or announcements and send them via text or SMS messaging. Text and SMS messaging feels more personal and direct so it can be a great way to reach out to customers if you don’t abuse it.

Boost or Promote Ripl Creations

Since video stands out in social media feeds Ripl creations make great boosted or promoted posts in Facebook or Instagram. When paying for post visibility you have lots of options for honing in and targeting a specific group of people based on current customers, demographics, location, etc.

These articles provide great guidance if you’re looking for more insight on getting started with paid posting:

Meghan Bodenstab

Meghan is the customer advocate at Ripl. She works on both product and content management and focuses on addressing the customers needs in the Ripl user experience.

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