Optimize Your Results with Art and Science

Standing out is a critical part of social media marketing. But, measurement is key too. The only way you can know if your posts are attracting attention and gaining engagements is by tracking them on a regular basis and looking at their key metrics.

Ripl is known for helping create eye-catching social content but we are also here to help measure its success. With the newly launched Ripl V3 we’ve improved the metrics capabilities to make them even more powerful. We make online analytics easy by allowing you to track all of your social posts in one place—whether you created them with Ripl or not. You can easily see all of your reactions—likes, loves, comments, and clicks—and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Drill down and review metrics by week, by day, or by individual post. Compare data over time and gauge your progress. We’ll even calculate and set a unique goal for you based on your social accounts.

Social media marketing is both an art and a science. At Ripl, we’re here to help you with both sides of the equation.

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Lisa Conquergood

Lisa is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ripl this means two things; it's her job to spread the word about Ripl and that she, too, markets a small business every day. She loves to share what she learns.


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