Get Organized with Our New Calendar View

Successful social media marketing requires solid planning, strategizing, and organizing. However, it doesn't need to be time-consuming or difficult. Ripl's new calendar view aims to make it easy and efficient. It's the perfect tool to help you develop a clear schedule for your online marketing efforts and make sure your social media gets done right and on time.

Our easy-to-read calendar allows you to tap through dates and view all of your social posts by day. And if you’re a Ripl Pro member, you can automate your process by scheduling posts to go up on specific days and times so you can get back to running your business.

Another key feature of our calendar is the inclusion of real-time engagement metrics. With just one look, you can see exactly how many likes, clicks, and comments each of your posts received. With that data, you can then refine your designs and your schedule to optimize results.

You will notice colored dots under some dates of your calendar; green means you posted content on that day, red indicates there was a hiccup and the post needs attention, and blue shows up for future dates with pending posts.

With Ripl’s new calendar, you can track your progress over time, gauge your success rate, and see how close you are to achieving your business goals.

Look for the calendar icon in your top navigation and schedule a post!

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Team Ripl is the hard-working squad driven to help you stand out on social media and grow your business.

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