Ripl App for Android Released in Beta

All of us here at Ripl are delighted to share that we have opened the Beta version of the Ripl app for Android devices to download! Get it NOW.

Releasing our Beta Android app is a major milestone for Ripl and it’s been one of the most requested features this year.

We intentionally started Ripl with our iOS app, so that we could refine user experience and customer value for iPhones first. After about a year in the market, we recently hit 500,000 downloads of Ripl and the iOS app has already been used to post more than 1.2 Million eye-catching social media posts by users worldwide!

These posts have generated more than 20 Million engagements (likes, comments and shares) across our users’ social media accounts -- and that’s just in one short year!

Our data suggests that Ripl-created posts produce higher social media post engagement rates overall. We’re happy to see how many free and Ripl Pro subscribers have been able to transform their marketing efforts with the Ripl app.

Now that we’ve opened up the Android app to public Beta access, we wanted to share a few points with our soon-to-be Android users about what’s ahead:

  • First, a reminder that while our Android app is still in Beta you will experience certain feature and functionality refinements while we continue to improve it for you. In coming weeks, we will be releasing frequent Android Beta app updates to the PlayStore to bring new features online and to reach parity with the iOS version of the Ripl app.

  • Second, we welcome your feedback on the Beta Android app as you install and use it. The best way for us to receive and track your feedback is by using the “Give Us Feedback” option within the app itself from the main Menu. (This is in the upper left corner of the app from the home screen)

  • Third, we encourage our Android users to turn on ‘Auto-Updates’ and ‘Notifications’ for the app on their Android devices. This will ensure that you automatically get updates as each new Android app update is released to the Google Play Store in the weeks ahead.

  • Last, we expect to move out of public Beta and into ‘official release’ for the Android Ripl app soon. As an early Beta Android app user, you will help us improve the experience for everyone in advance of the official version.

We want to thank each and every one of you reading this for your support of Ripl and interest in partnering to help drive your business marketing efforts forward. Our users are the lifeblood of our business and the reason we love coming to work each day.

YOU are the reason we created this company and the Ripl product. We are inspired by entrepreneurial spirit and the personal drive each of our app users show with their own creativity in using our product. Keep creating and sharing - every post you create inspires us, as well as your social media followers!

Finally, if you love the Ripl app we welcome AppStore and Play Store ratings and reviews for our app. Sharing Ripl with your friends and followers helps us continue to spread the love and innovate for the future. Thank you so much.

Please visit the Google PlayStore with your Android device and install our Beta Android app today!

The Ripl Team

Paul Ingalls

Founder / CEO of Ripl. Previously co-founder & CTO at Smilebox. Agile Team Coach, Notre Dame Alum, Microsoft Kinect Accelerator Mentor #goirish

Kirkland, WA

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