Ripl Case Study | Benedicts of Whalley

How Benedicts of Whalley uses Ripl

Who: Hilary Cookson | Owner/Driver | Benedicts of Whalley

How did you hear about Ripl?
Initially, I did an search for Apple apps that create advertisements. Once I found Ripl, I did the free trial and was hooked.

Why did you need Ripl?
I have five Facebook pages, two twitter accounts, and an instagram profile. Ripl is essential for me being able to create interest and crossmigrate my message across all those social media platforms.

How did Ripl help?
I have new energy in my marketing posts and have learned lessons from Ripl's Facebook Group. This group is also monitored by the developers which gives it a real feeling of power and support. I'm sure it will keep evolving, which in turn gives me an edge in the marketplace.

Key Benefits & Results
* Customized branded content
* More followers to online accounts
* More views for online posts
* More customer awareness and interest
* Save time and effort on marketing

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