Ripl Case Study | Canadian Corner

How Canadian Corner uses Ripl

Who: Donna Cleven-van Beek | Owner | Canadian Corner

How did you hear about Ripl?
I was fortunate to have a colleague tell me about Ripl.

Why did you need Ripl?
Ripl is a fun app to use to market my business. It makes awesome posts that show off my restaurant and delicious food!

This is a alt text Key Benefits & Results
* Customized branded content
* More views for online posts
* More customer awareness and interest
* Save time and effort on marketing

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store

Jon Aiken

Jon is the Communication Manager at Ripl, which means he writes and/or edits pretty much all day. Fortunately, those are two of his favorite things to do, so he's stoked. Also, dinosaurs!

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