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How MCeclectic Interiors uses Ripl

Who: Christopher Franks | MCeclectic Interiors & Furniture Flip

Why did need Ripl?

Christopher was looking for photo editing software and stumbled upon Ripl. Ripl helped him streamline his photo galleries with interesting designs to choose from.

How did Ripl help?

Using Ripl has increased MCeclectic's Facebook Page views dramatically and the number of followers.

"90% of my traffic in-store is driven by my ads on Facebook which are made with Ripl Pro. Being a novice to online marketing, Ripl Pro gave me the ability to look polished and professional with designs and templates."

Key Benefits & Results

  • Customized branded content
  • More followers to online accounts
  • More views for online posts
  • More customer awareness and interest
  • Save time & effort on marketing

This post had over 1,000 views!

Between Instagram & Facebook Pages, this post had 18 engagements and 400 views.

Christine Evans

Christine focuses on our customers’ happiness! She is passionate about helping others through communication and technology. You can bet she'll ask a lot of questions!

Bellevue, Washington

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