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How Courtesy Auto Service & Tire Tacoma Uses Ripl

Who: Scott Welsh | Owner of Courtesy Auto Service & Tire Tacoma

We caught up with Scott Welsh, owner of Courtesy Auto Service & Tire Tacoma, to learn more about his experience promoting his business with Ripl.

Why does Scott use Ripl?

Scott uses Ripl to increase engagements on his Facebook Page with weekly posts and to boost customer participation in his online contests.

"I'm able to create nice posts and put them out on social media so that Courtesy Auto Service & Tire Tacoma is at top of mind for a lot of people."

How did Ripl help Scott?

By easily crafting professional ads in minutes, Scott is able to generate polished, successful marketing campaigns — on a small budget — all by himself.

For example, every year he launches a "Drive Lambo" contest, where contestants enter to win a 24-hour Lamborghini rental. By using Ripl this year, he saw a higher engagement and more participants entering to win in his annual contest!

Scott's advice for other Ripl users?

"Don't be afraid of technology, embrace it. With Ripl, I'm able to create amazing engagement on my posts with only minutes every day! It’s really become my secret weapon when it comes to social media."

Ripl Team

Team Ripl is the hard-working squad driven to help you stand out on social media and grow your business.

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