More Places—More Flexibility

Small-business owners want options. Because they’re always on the go, they need the freedom to decide when, where, and how they get their job done. That’s why we created a solution for your desktop—so you have the tools you need to market your business online, engage more customers, and reach your full potential.

Our new web-based Ripl offers the same awesome features you know and love from our mobile app right on your computer. Now you can design eye-catching videos, post them to your social media accounts, and track their progress from the convenience of your home or office. Having a larger screen view and a mouse provides a streamlined creation flow, while working on a computer allows for faster video recording.

You can access Ripl for Web from your browser of choice. And because our web-based app works seamlessly with our mobile app, you have the added advantage of creating on one version and posting with the other. Now, you can do your social media marketing anywhere, anytime.

For the best experience, we recommend visiting from your computer and using your iOS or Android app on your phone.

No matter what you choose—Ripl for Web, Ripl for Mobile, or a combination of both—you have options.

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Lisa Conquergood

Lisa is the Chief Marketing Officer at Ripl this means two things; it's her job to spread the word about Ripl and that she, too, markets a small business every day. She loves to share what she learns.


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