Ripl Now Comes in Square, Landscape and Portrait Shapes

Understanding Ripl's New Aspect Ratios

With the recent news that Ripl designs can now be created in multiple sizes (aspect ratios), we'd like to explore how you can most effectively use them for your marketing.

In addition to the standard Square (1:1) Ripl posts, you can now also create Landscape (16:9) posts and Portrait (9:16) posts. These two new shapes are great for Facebook Cover Videos and Instagram Stories.

Here's a brief walk-through video that demonstrates how to create both the new shapes.

Now, lets look closer at Facebook Cover and Instagram Stories.

Landscape - Facebook Cover

You can now use selected designs from our catalog to create a custom Ripl that's perfect for your Facebook Cover location. Featuring a wide, cinematic feel, the Landscape aspect ratio is great for designing a branded Facebook Cover Photos/Videos for your connected Facebook Page.
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Videos are proven to drive higher clicks and conversions, and the Facebook Cover Photo/Video is one of the first things a visitor to your Facebook Page will see. When you put those two things together, you can see the potential impact a great Cover Video can have.

Pro Tip: Facebook Cover Videos play without sound by default. Ripl is the perfect tool for making silent and engaging videos to draw attention to your page.

Portrait - Instagram Stories

You can also now use selected designs from our catalog to create a custom Ripl for your Instagram Stories. Featuring a tall, selfie feel, the Portrait aspect ratio is perfect for designing branded Instagram Story Photos/Videos for your connected Instagram Page.

This is a alt text Instagram Stories are still somewhat new, so if you haven't tested it yet, now is the perfect time to give this posting option a try. Instagram Stories stay in your feed for 24 hours, then disappear. This gives your users a full day to see your Story. There are more than 300 Million people using Instagram Stories every day, so you can imagine the viewership potential.

Pro Tip: Instagram Stories allow viewers to leave a comment on your photo/video. When they do, it automatically converts to a Direct Message (DM). Consider using this as a Call-To-Action that potential customers can use to get more information or make a purchase.

We hope you'll enjoy creating and sharing Ripls in different shapes and believe these new developments will expand your creative ability and social reach. Good luck exploring the two new aspect ratios and social channels they grant you access to—we can't wait to see what you create with them!

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