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Thank You to All who Participated in the AMA

This past Wednesday, Ripl hosted its first ever AMA (Ask Me Anything) for Ripl customers on our Facebook page, and it was a huge success! During the event we talked about our favorite Seattle restaurants, created custom designs for Mike, and taught Linda how to select the right post size for Facebook Cover Videos. We had so much fun getting to know our customers and received amazing feedback... so now we want more! Your great responses spurred us to reach out in new ways and to schedule more events like the AMA in the future. If you were unable to make the first AMA, please let us know if you have a preferred time for an event (between 8am-5pm Pacific) in the future. Let us know the best time for you by joining our Facebook page and adding a comment.

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Come Visit Us

Speaking of the future... We would like to invite our customers in the Seattle area to the Ripl headquarters for lunch on Wednesday, November 7th at noon. We are located in Bellevue. Through this event we hope to learn how to make Ripl the marketing tool that meets all of your needs. So please, come enjoy a delicious free lunch, meet the Ripl team, and give us feedback on how we can improve the product for you!


Ripl on the Road

On November 14th, our COO Clay McDaniel will be speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Conference Small Businesses Summit in Phoenix. Aside from speaking and enjoying his escape from the cloudy Pacific Northwest, Clay is hoping to meet with some of our customers. If you or anyone you know wants to attend the summit and meet with our COO, please reach out HERE for free entry! Make sure and RSVP because there are a limited number of passes.

Joe Zimmer

Joe loves everything communications! The youngest member of the Ripl team, he works to improve customer outreach and analyze marketing data.

Seattle, WA

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