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Ripl customers have been asking to share Ripls directly to YouTube... We're excited to announce that you now can share posts from the Ripl app to your connected YouTube account! This means that in addition to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you now can simultaneously share Ripls to YouTube—a video-sharing platform used by over a billion people across the world. To update your Ripl app and start posting your Ripl videos to YouTube, visit the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android devices and click "Update".

Recently, Ripl also released "landscape" and "portrait" aspect ratios to complement the classic "square" shape available in Ripl. The landscape aspect ratio shape (accessible in the three dots sub-menu on the Ripl "Type your text" screen) works especially well on YouTube. Additionally, Ripl will track the "likes" and "comments" on your Ripls published to YouTube, updating your engagement stats in your Ripl account and notifying you as your YouTube video engagement grows.

To get you going, we decided to share a quick "1,2,3" guide to Getting Started on YouTube - for those of you who haven't published many videos or managed a branded YouTube "channel" in the past. We hope that you find this helpful!

1. Setting Up Your YouTube Account and Channel

In order to share your Ripl designs to YouTube, the first thing you'll need is a YouTube account and channel. You can create your account through either the mobile or desktop version of YouTube, using any email associated with a Google account. If you already have a Google and/or Gmail account and associated email address, it's as easy is entering that email and password and authenticating your existing Google account on YouTube.

Once you have your YouTube account setup, you'll want to create a channel. Your channel is where you'll upload videos and where viewers will see them. We recommend customizing how your channel looks to fit your business's brand to ensure a smooth customer experience. For more information about setting up your your account and channel, read this step-by-step guide.

2. Multiple YouTube Channels

One great feature of YouTube is the ability to have multiple channels associated with a single account. With Ripl, you can share to multiple channels at the same time. Some users create different channels to separate personal videos from professional videos; others do it to segment product demo videos from product tutorial videos.

If you’re still new to YouTube, there’s no need to set up multiple channels right away. If you already have multiple channels, you can select which ones you wish to connect to Ripl. (Android customers will want to select a default channel to connect. For information about how to choose a default channel, read here.) As you continue to use YouTube for your business, having multiple channels is a great feature to add to your repertory. For more information about using multiple channels, read this helpful breakdown.

3. Sharing YouTube Videos to Other Places

After you've uploaded Ripls to YouTube, you may want to share them to your followers and clients in other channels. Every video that you post to YouTube automatically has some built-in sharing features that you can easily use to place or "embed" your YouTube video in other places on the web.

First, you can copy a link to your video, post it anywhere online, and then any clicks to play and view the video will go to your channel. Second, you can "embed" your video to a website or blog by copying a string of code provided by YouTube and inserting it into the site's code. Third, you can automatically email a link to your video by entering email addresses into a field within YouTube. For more information about any of these sharing options, read this simple article.

We hope you love exploring and sharing to YouTube. It's a wonderful and wildly-popular platform to deploy your creativity and small business marketing practices. And by this point if you haven't already updated your Ripl app to enable video sharing to YouTube, simply click the right button below from your mobile device and Update away!

Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store

Jon Aiken

Jon is the Communication Manager at Ripl, which means he writes and/or edits pretty much all day. Fortunately, those are two of his favorite things to do, so he's stoked. Also, dinosaurs!

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