The Design Team's Favorite Templates

The Design Team at Ripl is responsible for dreaming up new content each and every week. From coding to Pinterest, they focus on all things design related to create new designs for the Ripl app. Out of the 200 designs available in the Ripl app, the team broke down their 6 favorite design templates to share with you and a little bit about what makes each one special!

Josh's Favorites

The meme design is a great option for showcasing photos with a caption that pops. If you have a short message that you want to get across, make a meme. Memes don’t always impress with style, but they make up for it by effectively standing out.

The bold text treatment makes it easy to read and process the information, even for someone scrolling by. Our meme template makes it easy to create great memes that keep the effective principles of the classic meme while adding some personalized style!

Magazine cover is an excellent design for stylishly framing photo(s) with your brand colors! The colored text labels persist your message for the duration of the slideshow while the simple white text is a great way to caption individual photos. Magazine Cover works great for promoting events and making announcements. Looks sharp sharing as animation or still image!

Meghan's Favorites

The brushed text over filter design is really simple but eye-catching! It can be artsy with the brush on effect, or you can choose no filter with just the text animating for a sleek look. The filters also work great for making a quote or motivational still with text.

You couldn't make this design look bad if you tried. Any picture or color combination work well. It fits any brand and creates a sleek slideshow that is easy to read, beautifully presented, and interesting to the eyes! It’s great for telling a story.

Henry's Favorites

For a catchy, versatile design this is a go-to. You can use bold colors in the sticker animation to capture your audience's attention. Simple but impactful makes this design go a long way. If you want a short animation, try this design with one photo!

This design's simplicity is what makes it so special. It's clean with beautiful animation so your message can really shine.

Try these designs today and let us know what you think!

Meghan Bodenstab

Meghan is the customer advocate at Ripl. She works on both product and content management and focuses on addressing the customers needs in the Ripl user experience.

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