The Power of Editing and Re-Sharing Posts

Whenever you're in a jam and don't have time to create something new, there's an overlooked feature in the Ripl app you can use! If you have a post that was successful in the past or don't want to start from scratch, try editing and re-sharing a previously created animation to repurpose your content.

Simple updates like changing the colors can keep things fresh. You can get creative and completely overhaul your message or images. Maybe your text worked particularly well but the images didn't seem perfect. Just double tap the images or text to edit. (iOS users tap and hold the image until it shakes and an "x" will appear allowing you to remove the image)

You can switch up the content or just switch the design. Changing from a collage design to a slideshow can be a significant transformation so you can keep the same images and text. Even changing to a design with more animation can make your content feel completely different than before.

Editing and re-sharing changed recently. Check out this quick new tutorial to walk you through this feature!

Christine Evans

Christine focuses on our customers’ happiness! She is passionate about helping others through communication and technology. You can bet she'll ask a lot of questions!

Bellevue, Washington

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