To everyone who has reached out , we hear you!

You may have noticed that we’ve recently been reaching out to many of you for help in a number of different ways! Just to name a few, we hosted the Ask-Me-Anything on Facebook, Seattle Customer Lunch, sent out a research survey and received a lot of excellent feedback! But this is not the only way that Ripl listens. . . Christine and Hannah, our customer support team, are constantly working to answer every email and social media comment sent our way. Most of your messages are sent to the entire Ripl team so we can better understand your perspective about the Ripl experience.

Through these interactions we were extremely happy to hear that for many people Ripl is working great and we love seeing all of the cool things people are posting using Ripl! On the other hand, some of the things we were told made us sad. Our goal is to provide a product that meets and exceeds our customers' needs. Like all of you, we pour our hearts into our business because we are passionate about what we do. We want to keep improving Ripl and its usefulness to our customers. This is why we are focused on listening and enhancing Ripl for you.

How do you measure this passion I am writing about? Sometimes passion is easy to see, when a musician is on stage, an actor is on screen, or an athlete wins a title. But a lot of the time passion is hard to measure - you do not get to see Christine furiously trying to figure out solutions to your problems, you can’t witness David, one of our Senior Developers, staying up all night to fix bugs, and you are not up at 6 am with our CEO, Paul, making sure our system is running smoothly. But let me assure you that these things are happening and our team is constantly working hard on making our product perfect.

As part of a focus on delivering an excellent product, we’re planning lots of new ways to get your feedback. We’re hoping to schedule more AMA sessions and meet with many more of you to maximize your Ripl experience.

Here at Ripl, we want to thank you for all the of the excellent feedback you provide us! We love our product and we promise to continue listening so that Ripl can meet your business needs. If you have something that isn’t working or the next best idea for us, please reach out and let us know!

Joe Zimmer

Joe loves everything communications! The youngest member of the Ripl team, he works to improve customer outreach and analyze marketing data.

Seattle, WA

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