Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas For Every Small Business

You don’t need to own a flower shop or sell chocolates to create an impactful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. February is a month for showing love, and not just the romantic kind. Here are some ways any business can take advantage of the season of love and generate some buzz!

Show Your Customers The Love

Customers are the people that help our businesses grow and thrive. They are the reason you are able to do what you do. So why not take the opportunity to show them how much you love them? Share a Valentine’s Day coupon, promo, or offer, just to let them know you care! Better yet, have a sale!

Encourage Customers To Love Themselves

About 50% of people 16 and over are single, and sometimes Valentine’s Day can feel polarizing. Tell your customers to show some self-love! Remind them to treat themselves, or just tell them that they’re awesome.

Show Your Community The Love

Now is a great time to spread the love around your community. Hold a fundraiser or event that gives back. Share what you are doing on social media and in your marketing efforts to let people know how much you care.

Help Your Customers Share The Love

If you do own a flower shop, sell chocolates, or provide any service or product that people can do or enjoy together, then show them how you can help them share the love this Valentine’s Day!

Meghan Bodenstab

Meghan is the customer advocate at Ripl. She works on both product and content management and focuses on addressing the customers needs in the Ripl user experience.

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